Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Much Potential...

Oh when I was young...

When I was a kid, I was always with a pencil in hand, wide eyed and inspired. I would draw anything and everything I saw.

People would look at my crappy - but not as crappy as the other kid's - drawings and say "wow did you draw that?!?" and I would reply "yes!"

My parents would put me in art class and I would enjoy the hell out of it. The highlights of my year would be going to an art store and getting supplies. I lived and breathed drawing.

I was super competitive as well. I HAD to be the best in my class, and often was.

But somewhere around the time I got out of high school and entered film school, I lost my desire to draw. Some of my class mates were AMAZING artists, and I felt I couldn't compete. I finished film school, got a job cleaning up animation (basically tracing) and then pretty much stopped drawing on my own altogether.

Now 13 years later I haven't grown passed being a high school art student.

But Maybe it's not too late!

You know super star artist Chuck Jones?

There's a Chuck Jones quote that goes something like "You've got a million bad drawings in you; you better get started"... I'm not sure that is the number he gave, and he may have been paraphrasing someone else, but I think the point comes across regardless.

So that is the goal of this site... to get out all the bad drawings.

Enjoy the coming years as I attempt to do my million bad drawings. Enjoy my self critiques (as I generally HATE everything I draw), and feel free to rip my shit apart yourselves! I can take it!

Let the crapfest begin!

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