Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scraping the bottom... Bad Drawing #81!

I haven't been drawing AT ALL lately. At all.

This is the closest to anything I've done lately...

Yeah I doodle with a sharpie on a DVD I found lying on the floor.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

UPDATED! Graffiti Request... Bad Drawing #78, 79, 80!!

As I was toiling away on my Thomas the Tank Engine editing, I got this message through our inter-office chat system...

(2:37 PM) Arlyn Bantog:
Nana was asking if we knew anyone that can do graffiti

I thought a brief moment, then responded.

(2:37 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert:
nope... What does she want?

I wasn't getting an answer, so as I was now distracted from work anyways, I opened up MS Paint and got to work... as I worked, Arlyn responded.

(2:41 PM) Arlyn Bantog: a painting for Jode's birthday
(2:41 PM) Arlyn Bantog: i said either one of us could probably do it depending on what she had in mind
(2:41 PM) Arlyn Bantog: so she's getting pictures together
(2:41 PM) Arlyn Bantog: it could be a case of photoshop and print on canvas

(2:43 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert: you can send her this...

I laughed at her response.

(2:43 PM) Arlyn Bantog: did you just make that now?
(2:45 PM) Arlyn Bantog: haha
(2:45 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert: no I had it on my desk top for months... heh
(2:45 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert: just waiting... and waiting... for you to ask
(2:45 PM) Arlyn Bantog: that's amazing
(2:45 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert: thnx
(2:46 PM) Arlyn Bantog: i'm emailing it to her

(2:53 PM) Arlyn Bantog: your bubble letters are so 1988
(2:54 PM) Ellery_Vandooyeweert: I know, eh! You know why? 'Cuz in Grade 7 I was EXTREMELY Jealous that girls in my class could do them so well, that I spent hours trying to learn....
(2:55 PM) Arlyn Bantog: bubble letter envy.... i remember that feeling

Later, Arlyn got this response from Nana...

Thanks for the graffiti Ellery, I was considering something to do with final fantasy that he plays CONSTANTLY...hes got a character or whatever you call them and i was sort of thinking of that character in a graffiti art setting...its really hard to explain and it doesn't have to be EXOTIC...i don't know anything about gaming so i cant ask him anything else as I just texted him and asked him what his game was...i wouldn't even know how to get to his game although I know his character wears a hoodie... I really don't know what it is this is getting so confusing...i thought about a med/small in whatever medium...need to know the cost as well. materials and artistic compensation. xoxo i have been looking online and there's too much, but if i come up with a style? xoxo

I knew from that e-mail EXACTLY what she was wanting.


Apparently Nana took a Banksy book out of the library and said she would mark out what stuff she liked as a guide what to do... I'm not sure how Banksy's art would work with Jode and his obsession with hooded characters in Final Fantasy...

Before she could send me anything I took some initiative on my own...

You may now all exit through the gift shop....