Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drawing #14, Bad from the PAST with Guest Artists!

Several months ago, on our way back from Tofino, Me, Jenn Taylor, Arlyn, and Mika, took turns sketching Teen Chan while we took the ferry home.

This is Teen Chan... This is not from when we sketched her

Top Left - Jenn Taylor's sketch. (She of Lucas Animation fame)
Top Right - Mika Bantog's sketch. (Didn't finish)
Bottom Left - Arlyn's Sketch. (She of "Thomas the Tank Engine" and my Girlfriend fame)
Bottom Right - My sketch. (Clearly the best)

I don't know why Teen's face looks so squished in mine. Seemed right at the time. Maybe after a weekend in Tofino, Teen's head was all squished down from too much fun.

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