Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Invite! Bad Drawings #101 - #135!!!

Finally! Okay so it's now uploaded... And full of bad drawings. 35 to be exact!

All the drawings are mine, but it was Ar who colored them... So yeah... I can't begin to cut into it... there's just too many. But there ya go, 35 at one time! Bad Drawings #101 - #135!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

"The Dude, Pinned" BAD DRAWING #100!!!

Okay, yes, I have actually drawn since Bad Drawing #99... but I wanted to hold off so #100 would be one worth mentioning...

I know I SAID #100 would be a video, but I haven't been able to upload it yet, and since I'm tired of waiting to post a #100 drawing, I'm going to forgo the video and post a drawing I did for a local art show...

"Holy Shit, you got in ANOTHER art show?!?!"

Calm down chappy. To get into the show, all I had to do was something in the theme of "The Big Lebowski"... So I could have sketched a bowling ball on a napkin and made it in.

Anyway, "A Million Bad Drawings" is in another show, and that's worthy of a #100 post in my books.

So what's the piece?

DRAWING #100! "The Dude, Pinned!"

It's like a trophy for being awesome

So the idea for this piece came to me as I was in the closing sale of Zellers and found an old bowling pin from their cafe's wall. I bought it for 10 bucks thinking "I can do something Lebowski with this".

My art work shop... the dirt covered common area of our condo...

I took the pin home and spray painted it white... I wanted to get rid of the AMF markings, and knew I would have to seal the hole that they put in it to screw it to their wall...

 The back was cut off to have it sit flush to the cafe wall...

I also bought a plaque to attach it to - make it like a little trophy you can hang over your bed.

I sketched out a test drawing to be used on the pin... one that I could transfer on and then ink over... I wasn't completely happy with it... face was a little short and wonky, the shirt collar was wrong... but I figured I could fix all that when I transfer it onto the pin.

The fingers in this version look MUCH better than the flat ones in the final...

I then redid the pin striping on the bowling pin...

Thanks "American Restoration" for showing me the best way to do this...

...and stained and sealed the plaque.

Finally I transferred and attempted to ink "The Dude" onto the pin. Holy shit what a pain. The pen I usually ink with smudged when I did a test. I wouldn't be able to seal the final inking. So instead of my nice smooth pen, I had to use a black Bic. It was shitty and bumpy. Oh well.

Augh... those fingers! In my defense the ink would NOT TAKE to that side of the pin... no idea.

I finished it up and sealed it. When I sealed it, the ink turned purple. It was weird, but looked kinda cool. Ah well.

When I dropped the piece off at the gallery they asked how much I wanted to sell it for. I couldn't answer.

They take 50% commission, which seems CRAZY. So in order for it to be worthwhile to me, I would have to put it up for $400... which is nuts. But 50 % is pretty standard for gallery commission, so it's not really surprising.

When I did the "Deighton's After Dark" art shows I took NO commission. I didn't even consider it. It was just cool to have a night to show peoples art... Help the artists out (cuz artists are notoriously broke). I figured I didn't put any work into the art, why should I take a cut? However, I wasn't renting a space, and all money was made on the bar... so different worlds... ah well.

Anyway, it is unlikely people would pay $50 for this, so I just left the price blank. Maybe I'll change that when I get to the show, I dunno.


HOT ART Wet City
Pop Up Gallery



Featuring art inspired by the Coen brothers film "The Big Lebowski"
Opening Night Party Friday September 21, 2012 from 7-10pm
752 East Broadway, Vancouver BC
Art submission deadline Thursday September 20

There you have it. Bad Drawing #100!!

999,900 to go!