Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poor Hurley! Bad Drawing #86!

Look... I know I haven't done anything worth while (or even not worth while - but with effort behind it) in a long time, but I've been busy.

I've been busy, and that leads me to not draw. When I'm MOST busy I usually shut down, do nothing, and watch a lot of TV.

However, I did find myself drawing today, so I took a pic and uploaded it.

I did this while trying to call a vet clinic to get a second opinion on our dogs fucked up legs. Hurley needs to have an operation to fix his bad knees, a costly one. He has one knee that is kinda bad, and one that is so shitty painful he won't even put pressure on it anymore - It just sort of hovers in the air.

Anyways, I doodled on a pad at my desk as I awaited a call back...

Bad Drawing #86 - Our Poor Hurley

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