Friday, September 3, 2010

Drawing #11 - "E-WALKING INDIANA" Rough Sketch

Get it? Like EWOK... E-WALK?

Okay so this is the rough I doodled at work while waiting for a render. It's based on Arlyn's suggested drawing "An Ewok walking a Shih-tzu.

I decided the Shih-tzu would be my own Shih-tzu, Indiana. It has been long said he looks like an Ewok, and Arlyn has even talked of making him a cowl.

Anyway, the sketch looks little awkward and may not read quite like I want.

An Ewok, walking, is kind of a pain to draw, cuz they walk like babies... They more hop, side to side, than walk.

Indiana is VERY rough in the drawing. When I clean this up, I will try to make the sketch look more like Indy, and less like an eight legged furry monster.

It was just very hard to figure how his legs should look in walking position.

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