Thursday, August 19, 2010


I spend a lot of time staring at my sketchbook, not sure of what to draw. Part of it is fear, fear of what horrible wonk-faces, or nonsensical, perspective atrocities will hit the page.

The other part is not knowing what to actually sketch - so I put it to Facebook!

I posted the following as my status:

Ellery TableSaw VanDooyeweert
Needs suggestions of awesome things to attempt to draw! I'm trying to develop a skill.

And here are the replies!

Tyler Hoolaeff - SKULLS!!!

Meeka Stuart Daigle - a monkey in a cosby sweater learning to moonwalk from Ronald Reagan.

Jenn Slingshot Brisson - life draw my tarantula!

Jenn Taylor
- Fox!

Samanta Palomino - draw nipples on ur butt! (not going to happen)

Leslie Bear Jones - nudes of the late John Candy (um?)

Jayson Thiessen - mohammad (Nah... I like my head on my shoulders)

Teeny Bopper - ROCK BAND!... that is getting booooed at because they arent very good!

Arlyn Bantog
- Unicorn Vs Manatee, Jawa Vs Orko, Ewok walking a Shih-Tzu

Robin Badr - Draw the silhouette of a blotchy butterfly. (What?...)

After reading them, and considering, I will definitely be doing the following:

1. Jawa Vs Orko
2. Ewok walking a Shih-Tzu
3. Unicorn Vs Manatee
4. Cosby Sweater Monkey with Reagan
5. Skulls (plan on lots - I like skulls)
6. Fox

MAYBE I'll try life drawing that tarantula, but as it stands... that thing scares the fuck out of me.

So stay tuned... I'm done my writing deadlines, so I have time to draw, or attempt to draw.

And yes, I know it could look like I'm fishing for compliments, but really, I'm terrible, and you'll see soon enough. heh.

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