Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Bad From the Past! Drawing #4

I haven't had a chance to sketch out any crap lately. Too busy with writing stuff. So, instead, here's a "Bad From The Past"... a new feature on A Million Bad Drawings.

This showed up on Facebook today. A drawing I did in protest to a list of work my coordinator, Heather Renney, wrote on a wipe board for me to do by the end of the day.

The mouse was very angry about all the exports.

As you can see, I have little patience for connecting lines or making sure lines don't intersect. Rather than carefully drawing ears that make sense, or are the same size, I just quickly throw down the lines.

The mouse is giving the middle finger - if you can distinguish anything out of that mess of a hand.

And what the hell with the feet? One is especially gimpy.

And why does it look like his tail is taped on or something?

More "Bad From The Past" drawings to come!

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