Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creepy Octo-Kid - Bad Drawing #98 is having a little "Cabin in the Woods" contest for a "visual companion" book... Not sure exactly what that is, but it has all kinds of background on the movie... design... script... anyway I WANT IT.

I want it because I loved the movie, and I love Joss...

Anyway, the idea of the competition is as follows:

"Now, for you arty folks, I want to see an illustration (a quick sketch or a rough doodle will suffice) of a monster of your own design in the Cabin in the Woods universe. I know that’s a tall order given the film, but I have faith in you."

Sounds like another MILLION BAD DRAWINGS contest to me!

This is what I sent in:

You know, as I step back from the drawing and see a photo of it, some of the problems are a little more clear... HOWEVER, I still like it. It's rare I like something I draw, but I do like this. Fuck ups and all. (By fuck ups I mostly mean the tentacles... they bug the shit out of me, but I had no idea how to draw them... this is where you use reference kids!)

Anyway, I needed a monster, something that I would hate to see come at me in the cabin. Well I find creepy kids terrifying... I also find bowl cuts terrifying. Kids with bowl cuts are the worst... so I figured give it a blank stare and tentacles and I would shit my camping shorts should I run across it at a cabin.

Drawing #98... Octo-kid.

Monday, April 23, 2012

CARDED at the Gallery Gachet!

So "A Million Bad Drawings" has finally broken into the art world. Last Saturday night at the "Gallery Gachet", Lot-O-Bots made it's way around a crowd, being traded for what I can only assume were broken dreams, wads of cash, or "You take this crap robot one, and I'll let you punch me in the cock".

Wow... Made it into print! it's like a real blog now.

So as you walk into the gallery all the cards are displayed, front and back, in clip frames along the walls. You can use these pieces as a guide to what cards are available for trade. It's also good to check out competition, or if you didn't get in, to say "WTF? THIS got in and I didn't?!?"

If you follow the giant pink arrow, you will find a furry pink box that you can jam your fist into and pull out a pack of cards.... and only for 5 dollars. That's a pretty good deal considering the part of town this show is in - most of the other furry box's you can reach into for 5 bucks will just get you AIDS.

Don't be shy! Get your whole arm in there buddy!

Vancouver's artsy crowd...

My parents came out to the show to check out my piece. I pretty much guilted them into it. They spent all that cash on my art classes when I was a kid, they should get some pay off. 

Mika doing some trading...

So my card wasn't the ONLY piece of brilliance that night... I had a few friends who were at the show as well, being awesome artists, as usual.

Jenn Brisson and Indy Astete piece! (I have TONS of Jenn Art around the apartment...)

Megz Majewski! (As well as Megz art...)

Peter Ricq! (We have two originals of this guy's stuff on our walls)

I don't know this guy... but I like the art...

And so the first ever art show "A Million Bad Drawings" took place in, happened. Now back to sketching. I still haven't hit the first 100 bad drawings after all...

look at those arty hands... like I never worked a hard day of manual labour in my life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drunken Proclamation Rough... Bad Drawing #97!

Ugh... this didn't work at all.

Continuing on with the wedding project, I needed a drawing of me at a window drunkenly proclaiming my plan to win the heart of some girl... This did not work out (the drawing... not the plan... though the plan only half worked.)

Okay... a lot wrong here on my first go. First off, I don't look drunk really. That is not drunk face.

Second, it is WAY too busy and shitty in the background. intersecting lines... crooked tables. It pretty much all around sucks.

The plan now is to redraw it and leave almost everything out of the BG except for the shitty drawing of Kev and the couch he is sitting on.

Also, what the fuck is going on with the hand holding the sill?!?!?... the fingers to right to the wrist.

The triumphant arm in the air I'm pretty sure connects to NOTHING if you followed the lines down to the shoulder area. Maybe I should try some structure.

These were SUPPOSED to be doodles though... really rough like. I get too wrapped up in having it make sense, and therefor it starts to make no sense at all.

ah well... REDRAW!

Bad Drawing #97!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

An honest to goodness Artist?!?! LOT-O-BOTS! Bad Drawing #96

So there's there's this art show in town called "Carded" where artists submit their work and, if chosen, their work is turned into a cool little trading card. The idea is that you go to the show - whatever night it is - and buy a pack of random cards for 5 bucks. You then walk around the show and trade cards with people... collecting the ones you want.

The people who put this show on do a similar show called "Hot One Inch Action" which is the same idea as "Carded" but with little 1 inch buttons. When Arlyn, Mika and I checked out the button show a few months ago, I thought it was a pretty good time and figured I would attempt to put art in on the next show.

Well the next show turned out to be this "Carded" show. I knew about it a month before the deadline, but I didn't actually sit down and draw anything until the last day (I'm lazy like that). The day before it was due I was sitting in a meeting, remembered the deadline, and I just started doodling in my sketchbook. I liked the doodle enough that I took a pic and sent it in. I actually tried to get Arlyn to color it for me, but she thought it looked fine black and white.

Well success! 150 people submitted, but "Lot-O-Bots" was one of the 50 to get in!

Take that you THREADLESS jerks.

Anyway, My ego is now through the roof, and will probably remain that way until the night of the show when I hear people walking around asking "Will you trade ANYTHING for this stupid robot shit card?"

My first official art show drawing outside of Highschool... "LOT-O-BOTS! - Bad Drawing #96

Check out  for more info on show night!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

ARGH. Drawing is haaaard... fux. Couch Drunkies! Bad Drawing #95

OK, so all I need is two guys on a couch. No problem right?

Here's what I've got so far...

Seriously... cannot draw this for the life of me.

Should have drawn more, TV'd less, these last 15 years.

Stay tuned... or TOONed! LOLZ! - fuk u interwebs for making me write that.


So this is as it stands right now.... I went over it with a dark pencil and tried to save it. It looks shit.

BUT... What I can do now is flip the next page over and use it as a base to start again.

I used to be an assistant animator at Dreamworks, and my job was to go over shitty animator drawings and make them look good. However, even shitty animator drawings at Dreamworks was a HELL of a lot better than the best drawings I have here, so there was more to work with.

It's not TOO hard to fix a slightly-off line on a Keith Baxter drawing (his drawings are damn near perfect to start)... Especially when your desk is covered with hundreds of drawings of exactly what the character needs to look like...

That said, I will now attempt to make this drawing useable. Bad Drawing #95... "Couch Drunkies"

How I kept a job in animation I'll never know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kick Ball - Wedding W.I.P. Bad Drawing #94!

I came across this vid today, and while I'm not a fan of the song, I quite like this guys illustrative storytelling.

What I'm working on right now is a drawing based story, and I could only wish my drawings were as expressive as his. I kind of lose it on the expression bit.

I haven't exactly been updating like I said I would. I will tomorrow for sure. For now, here's just a small, shitty sketch I quickly did in my notebook that is part of a bigger drawing I will put up tomorrow.

It's a scene where I kicked a nerf ball into my GF's face.

Bad Drawing 94.

*As an aside, I'm getting grief about not updating with the sketch-a-day book I got from Jenn and Teen last year... I will start updating those to... soon.

So lazy.