Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to the BAD!... Bad Drawing #92 and #93

Welp, I took a little break from drawing... mostly out of anxiety over having to draw mine and Ar's wedding invite. However, pressure from the lady - and time running out - has forced me to pick up the pencil again.

THIS time, I'm going to actually put the project up in progress, drawing by drawing, until it's finished. God help me. I'm not a good cartoonist. I'm trying though... GET OFF MY BACK!

The previous project to this wedding one was a Christmas gift for my friends. I'm slowly going to leak pictures from that little project as well, starting today.

Now, last post (DECEMBER) I put up a single image from that Christmas project, Bad Drawing #91... Well in the final project it was colored... so I figured I would just throw that up!

That was colored by Arlyn, who the girl in the pic is supposed to represent...

This image is ALSO from that same project... Bad Drawing #92 - Myself, Hurley and Boomer.

Also colored by Arlyn, this is a point in the poem where I am looking out the window with our two dogs, Hurley and Boomer, who are Boston Terriers (they have been represented on this blog many times)

Am I happy with these drawings? Ehhhhh.... not really. I definitely don't hate them, and I wasn't too embarrassed to put them in the book and give as a gift.

So the deal is, the wedding invite I'm doing is also being done in this style. Since I'm not 100% happy with the style, especially the way I draw Arlyn, I figure I've got to figure out a better way to capture her on paper before I get fully going on the invite.

This was another of my attempts... unfortunately she looks 12. Bad Drawing #93 - Arlyn: 30+ going on 12.

I'll get it figured out! I have to.

Tomorrow I go pick up a sketchbook to get started. Funz.

Hey so how many more til a million?