Thursday, August 19, 2010

Drawing #6

As stated in my last post, I did a terrible doodle of Heather on a tauntaun...

So I took another shot at it, but with reference....

while it may seem a HUGE improvement, I'm not happy.

I went into this attempting to do something really cool, and then found I couldn't draw a tauntaun in the pose I wanted even with all the reference I had (which all look pretty shitty... Need some GOOD Empire Strikes Back screen shots).

When I DID finally get a sketch done, it was basically just a copy of a photo. This kind of puts me at the same level of creativity as those Street artists, with their portrait drawings of "Scarface" and "Godfather". Also, I think the feet are wrong. Hard to find good tauntaun feet reference.

And is that Heather there under that scarf?! I dunno... could be! Guess we'll never know until someone figures out how to draw Heather.

Anyways, I'm actually going to try again and do a pose from my BRAIN, and not a google image search.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha, it doesn't even seem like the same person drew both of those pictures. Maybe I should start shitty drawing of my clone wars guys. I'm embarassed of my drawing skill... thank god for computers!