Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drawing #2 and #3

So this Second drawing was done at Montana's restaurant in Langley.

They have table cloths that can be drawn on with crayons, and I decided to use this opportunity to draw my father as a train.

My Father

This one definitely falls under the "Bad Drawing" category, if just for the colossal fuck up of train anatomy.

For example, I have NO idea what's going on below the boiler... and where the bumpers are attached to. Drawing in crayon is no excuse (though it made it harder... really... no excuses but c'mon... dull crayon)

With a clear head, not clouded with my hunger for nachos and ribs, I redrew how my Train Father SHOULD have looked more like...

But then even this... jeez.

Kinda wonky perspective (I SUCK at perspective) and even though it's a sketch, some parts are really lazy... like I just expected random lines that I threw down would make sense somehow.

I think it's weird that everything is slightly leaning... MUST DRAW MORE STRAIGHT.

Okay well... that's 3 down.

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