Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DOGS! Bad Drawing #83!

Today's drawing is a simple one... done on a napkin.

because we're suckers for cuteness, we have two dogs, Hurley and Boomer, both Boston Terriers. Hurley is a VERY good looking Boston, and Boomer, while super cute, is a little odd looking. Now keep in mind, she is still a puppy, and puppies do have awkward stages, but there was just something about her I thought looked funny, and couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Until this morning.

While eating my sandwich, I looked to Hurley who was sitting beside me, staring forward, and then at Boomer, who was staring at Arlyn. Seeing both dogs in profile I was able to see what it was that made Boomer look odd, and today I drew it out on a napkin to show Arlyn.

If you look at the structure of their heads, both dogs have very round noggins, but Boomer's is just set way forward.

I think this is cuz she has a super big brain. This would explain her ability to break out of anything we put her in.

She may be a super villain yet.

Bad Drawing #83... Hurley and Dr. Boomer VonEvilpup.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YOU LIKE BURGERS?!?! Bad Drawing #82!!!

I know, I know... "What the hell??!?"

I have big big plans to draw, or paint, or create, but I'm also busy and super lazy.

I do however still doodle about, but always nonsensical like the thing below...

There you have it. I call it "You like burgers?!"

Bad Drawing #82!