Monday, April 23, 2012

CARDED at the Gallery Gachet!

So "A Million Bad Drawings" has finally broken into the art world. Last Saturday night at the "Gallery Gachet", Lot-O-Bots made it's way around a crowd, being traded for what I can only assume were broken dreams, wads of cash, or "You take this crap robot one, and I'll let you punch me in the cock".

Wow... Made it into print! it's like a real blog now.

So as you walk into the gallery all the cards are displayed, front and back, in clip frames along the walls. You can use these pieces as a guide to what cards are available for trade. It's also good to check out competition, or if you didn't get in, to say "WTF? THIS got in and I didn't?!?"

If you follow the giant pink arrow, you will find a furry pink box that you can jam your fist into and pull out a pack of cards.... and only for 5 dollars. That's a pretty good deal considering the part of town this show is in - most of the other furry box's you can reach into for 5 bucks will just get you AIDS.

Don't be shy! Get your whole arm in there buddy!

Vancouver's artsy crowd...

My parents came out to the show to check out my piece. I pretty much guilted them into it. They spent all that cash on my art classes when I was a kid, they should get some pay off. 

Mika doing some trading...

So my card wasn't the ONLY piece of brilliance that night... I had a few friends who were at the show as well, being awesome artists, as usual.

Jenn Brisson and Indy Astete piece! (I have TONS of Jenn Art around the apartment...)

Megz Majewski! (As well as Megz art...)

Peter Ricq! (We have two originals of this guy's stuff on our walls)

I don't know this guy... but I like the art...

And so the first ever art show "A Million Bad Drawings" took place in, happened. Now back to sketching. I still haven't hit the first 100 bad drawings after all...

look at those arty hands... like I never worked a hard day of manual labour in my life.

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