Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creepy Octo-Kid - Bad Drawing #98 is having a little "Cabin in the Woods" contest for a "visual companion" book... Not sure exactly what that is, but it has all kinds of background on the movie... design... script... anyway I WANT IT.

I want it because I loved the movie, and I love Joss...

Anyway, the idea of the competition is as follows:

"Now, for you arty folks, I want to see an illustration (a quick sketch or a rough doodle will suffice) of a monster of your own design in the Cabin in the Woods universe. I know that’s a tall order given the film, but I have faith in you."

Sounds like another MILLION BAD DRAWINGS contest to me!

This is what I sent in:

You know, as I step back from the drawing and see a photo of it, some of the problems are a little more clear... HOWEVER, I still like it. It's rare I like something I draw, but I do like this. Fuck ups and all. (By fuck ups I mostly mean the tentacles... they bug the shit out of me, but I had no idea how to draw them... this is where you use reference kids!)

Anyway, I needed a monster, something that I would hate to see come at me in the cabin. Well I find creepy kids terrifying... I also find bowl cuts terrifying. Kids with bowl cuts are the worst... so I figured give it a blank stare and tentacles and I would shit my camping shorts should I run across it at a cabin.

Drawing #98... Octo-kid.

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