Friday, April 13, 2012

An honest to goodness Artist?!?! LOT-O-BOTS! Bad Drawing #96

So there's there's this art show in town called "Carded" where artists submit their work and, if chosen, their work is turned into a cool little trading card. The idea is that you go to the show - whatever night it is - and buy a pack of random cards for 5 bucks. You then walk around the show and trade cards with people... collecting the ones you want.

The people who put this show on do a similar show called "Hot One Inch Action" which is the same idea as "Carded" but with little 1 inch buttons. When Arlyn, Mika and I checked out the button show a few months ago, I thought it was a pretty good time and figured I would attempt to put art in on the next show.

Well the next show turned out to be this "Carded" show. I knew about it a month before the deadline, but I didn't actually sit down and draw anything until the last day (I'm lazy like that). The day before it was due I was sitting in a meeting, remembered the deadline, and I just started doodling in my sketchbook. I liked the doodle enough that I took a pic and sent it in. I actually tried to get Arlyn to color it for me, but she thought it looked fine black and white.

Well success! 150 people submitted, but "Lot-O-Bots" was one of the 50 to get in!

Take that you THREADLESS jerks.

Anyway, My ego is now through the roof, and will probably remain that way until the night of the show when I hear people walking around asking "Will you trade ANYTHING for this stupid robot shit card?"

My first official art show drawing outside of Highschool... "LOT-O-BOTS! - Bad Drawing #96

Check out  for more info on show night!

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