Sunday, January 16, 2011

What's happening?! And another "A Bad from the Past! - Drawing #58

I've been stupid busy these last weeks... STUPID busy. But not stupid busy doing bad drawings. Until tonight.

Tonight I went to "Dr. Sketchy's" and did some life drawing.

It was the theme show for Camilla D'errico. There is a whole post on that alone, but it will have to wait. I'm tired, I'm kinda sad about how bad the drawings went, and I just flat-out don't feel like doing it.

However, I will post it in the next couple of days, along with some other cool stuff to show... TWO new projects.

And just to have something a little more visual for this post, here's a "Bad from the Past"!!

This one goes WAY back, to when I was 18 and wanted to be Robert Bateman. It's hanging, professionally framed, at my Uncle Hans and Aunt Rea's. Never have I passed it without wanting to take it down and try to fix that poor bears misshapen head.

This was at a time that I LOVED doing my work in Conte, but not with structure.

Had I structured out these bears, maybe the one in front wouldn't have a terrible case of Wonk-Head. It's like a weird tumor breaking through the side of his skull.

Til next time!

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