Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Brother's Family - A Christmas Present! Bad Drawing/PAINTING #57! (Also #43-56!)

I wanted to try and paint my brother's family as part of their Christmas present this year. I'm not a very good cartoonist, but in the end, I think it actually turned out alright.

It wasn't without a few REALLY bad drawings though.

Trying to get the essence of Troy, Caryn and Jordan is a terrible task for someone who is in no way good at caricatures.

First I attempted a rough of how I would lay it out (Bad Drawing #43) . I realized at this point that I had no idea what pets they own, so I had to give him a call. You can see my awesome notes along the side.

2 short haired cats (grey and brown) and 1 bird. At one point I was going to just draw Jordan holding a dog as I believe she should probably have one eventually.

My brother was the hardest to draw. this was my first attempt (Bad Drawing #44)

I don't actually see my brother as a muppet. I don't know why his mouth looks like that. I figured that even if the drawing looked nothing like Troy in the end, as long as he was wearing a Bears shirt, someone would figure it out.

The 3 top drawings of Troy ( #45, #46, #47) Weren't working at all for me. I got all angry, cursed my inability to cartoon, and then finally drew the one on the bottom (#48 ). This actually said "Troy" to me. I went with it. The two Caryns (#49, #50 ) drove me back to wanting to stab my brain.


This sketch (#51) sort of had a Caryn vibe to it that the two scribbled over ones (#52, #53) were lacking... DONE! I gave structuring it out a little better in the bottom doodle(#54).

Jordan I drew once (#55 ). Girls are hard to draw.

So pink colerase in hand, I drew them all standing together (#56 ).

They needed to be standing closer together, so I photocopied the drawing, and cut and pasted them in tighter.

I then transfered to Canvas to paint. It is not lost on me that Caryn's arm seems to meld right into Jordan's arm. BAD. I didn't realize until after it was painted.

Painting was the hardest part. It's not at all as easy as Family Ties makes it look. Also, I don't really know color theory. I have been told I went very saturated with my color choices.

Damn right! Saturated bitches.

Bad Drawing/PAINTING #57!

Sha la la laaaaaaa

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