Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Hey, A PRESENT! New Assignments! - Bad Drawings #59, #60, #61

We got a package a few weeks ago from Jenn and Teen over in Singapore. These two ladies are part of our painting group "We Can't Paint!" at

Oh yeah... that group...

Anyways, in the package I received THIS!

A "Sketch-a-Doodle" book designed and printed by Jenn and Teen. Inside the sketchbook are 52 assignments. One a week, for a year.

I got working on them as fast as I could, to get caught up, but have been to lazy to take pics and post. Well here they are, 3 more Bad Drawings.

Drawing #59:

Once, when I was a kid, we made sock puppets in school. I remember designing it being very stressful. After I had attached the googly eyes, I couldn't think of what else to do to it. I went into a bit of a panic... I was worried that anything I added after the eyes would ruin it. So I left it as just a sock with googly eyes. Well drawing this felt just like being back in kindergarten. I froze after the eyes.

Drawing #60:

This Narwhal is sad cuz it hasn't yet made out in the middle of a street with a hazmat looking astronaut.

Drawing #61

This is an owl. After this third drawing I've decided to try and not make every drawing in this book some sort of attempt at cartooning "cute", or "Cute-ooning" as I'm nowgoing to call it. Million Bad Drawings - Always coining new phrases! or "Coinphrasing"!! (I just came up with that one too). I just noticed now that one of his toes on the right is drawn wrong. I'll pretend he's just mid scratch. Foot itch. Do I win a no-prize?

Thanks Taylor and Teen!

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  1. Awe, awesome! They are really good! I especially love narwhal.