Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drawing #12 - E-WALKING INDIANA - Attempt 1. Fail.

This did not turn out AT ALL like I wanted. I kind of killed it.

Looking back at the original sketch/doodle, I lost everything I had liked. The doodle had problems, but at least it was closer to how I saw it in my head.

This just looks stiff. Flat.

It reminds me of when when I was a kid and I would get a coloring book from a cartoon liked (like He-Man), and everything looked wonky and soul-less.

I'm gonna try this again though. I think I know what I did wrong.

And Sorry Indiana, I will try and capture your awesome-ness, without making you look like you've been taxidermied into a pose.

What I learned from this:

Maybe I should try to figure out my perspective first. Arlyn pointed out that Indiana wasn't walking right, so I had to fix (thus all the erasing). when you can't answer "Where's the horizon line?", You're doing it wrong.

I don't know how do draw fur. Especially in a somewhat Cartoony drawing.

I also don't know what style I'm going for.

This is all very frustrating.

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