Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sour Arlyn... Bad Drawing #91!!!

I have this HUGE wedding project coming up, and it requires a LOT of drawing. A LOT. The worst bit is, I have to draw myself and Arlyn.

I've never been a good cartoonist. In fact, even when I DID excel at art (grade 12) it wasn't cartooning.

This wedding project is all about tooning things up. Luckily, before I even get at the wedding project, I have one other project that also requires tooning.

So here's one of the drawings from said project...

Not bad, not great. The nice thing is, I can SEE where the problems are, and I kinda see how to fix them. Too bad I can't fix that it looks REALLY film school... it's just where my skill set is at right now.

When this project is complete, I will put all the final drawings up on here, and explain how they all work together. The crazy thing about this last project, and the future wedding project, is my style keeps changing from drawing to drawing. I keep changing how I draw Arlyn and I.

I hope this little project that I'm just finishing up here on will be a good warm up for the wedding one... Hope...

Bad Drawing #91 - Sour Arlyn Knitting

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