Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wow... been a while... Bad Drawing #88

I've been on a blogging break, but not a shitty drawing break. SOON I shall update with wonders that will make you say "Wow! I see why he was one of the top 3 in his grade 12 art class... but that's where he peaked!"

I would end this entry right now... but I feel like I should post SOME sort of image... lemme check around me...


This is sort of a drawing!

Last year I went in search of a calendar for my desk at work. I couldn't find anything cool, so I settled on one I thought would be humorous... BONES!

Bones is a crime procedural show I was into for a couple of weeks until I got tired of their stupid computer animations of murders and implausible enhancing of crime scene shit. Anyways, when I bought the calendar, I was in the midst of those few weeks of "Bones is TV awesome!" so I wasn't quite thinking right.

So now, 10 months later, I'm in hate with the calendar, and the hate only got worse when I turned it to October and found this guy...

Yeah... so this guy would be looking over at me from my office wall.

I decided I needed to do some defacing, and since it was Halloween month, Dr. TJ Hodgy became Dr. Eatyourface.

Bad drawing #88 "Booooooooonessss...."

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