Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is just sad... Doodles? Bad Drawing #39

Still haven't been drawing.

At this rate I'm NEVER going to get all the bad drawings out of me.

However, yesterday, my friend Sam called me at work while I was watching some edits. Without thinking, for the first time in weeks, I started drawing.

Unfortunately it was on my actual edit notes.

Lets break this down...

To the top left appear to be two "renderings" of Tie Fighters.

Those especially suck because, #1, how nerdy am I that when I mindlessly draw, it's a TIE fighter and what looks like a bent wing TIE fighter or Tie andvanced X1 (Vaders TIE)?

And, #2, the TIE fighter is completely wrong. The side wings don't have 8 panels, they have 6. Durrrr. Turn in my nerd badge.

What the hell is this? A strange otherworldly structure? I building from a long forgotten dream? A vision of the cup if Christ?

Stay tuned... if I find this subconscious image in the real world, I will let you know.

Below appears to be another structural absurdity. With numbers. Numbers that appear to be my Thomas the Tank Engine editing notes. I'm pretty sure I could build this and Vancouver Parks Board would put it in the middle of some local greenery as art.

Also there appears to be a frame beside it?

Sam and I got talking about French Bulldogs at some point... I assume that is why the following image exists.

His name is Desmond. I will own him one day.

Finally, I appear to have started doodling a superhero. This happens a lot when I doodle. Maybe it's because I secretly dream of bursting from behind my computer, running out of the studio and flying away to fight crime. But I think mostly it comes from just drawing a stick figure is boring. Masks and capes make everything cooler.

I tried to figure out what was going on in the bottom of the superhero doodle...

Then I realized it's just another superhero... running.


So yeah. While there are quite a few drawings here, I can't give each a credit. It was all done in one session, completely subconsciously. If I were to frame the piece, someone would say "what a crappy drawing", not "What a crappy collection of little drawings".

So there you have it. I clearly need to be drawing more... just gotta get through Christmas.

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