Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkins! Drawing #20, 21, 22,

Okay so they're not exactly "DRAWINGS" in the traditional sense, but they started out as drawings... these would just be the final renderings...

This would be the first pumpkin of the year, and the second pumpkin I've ever carved. It's also the only pumpkin where I took a picture of the original drawing.

And here it is, lit up, with Arlyn and Mika's pumpkins... pretty sweet.

This is the "Jenn Taylor" Pumpkin and next to it is the "Teen Chan" Pumpkin. Jenn and Teen are in Singapore, and pumpkins cost about 30 bucks there, so Arlyn and I carved a couple for them. I did the worried Taylor pumpkin, Arlyn did the Happy Teen pumpkin.

The final pumpkin I did for the year was for a Monster Factory competition. Monster Factory is a Toronto based company that makes wicked monsters.

You can check out their monsters at www.monsterfactory.net. I recently bought one for Arlyn for our 3 year anniversary... pretty awesome.

But back on topic...

So Monster Factory had a competition to make a monster pumpkin - bonus points if you did a design with one of their monsters. I chose to do EMMIT.

This was the final design...

Next post... some truly, TRULY bad drawings... ones that will live up to this blog's title.


So turns out I won the Monster Factory contest!

the winner of the Monster Pumpkin Carving Contest is Ellery
VanDooyeweert! Ellery's incredible Emmitt pumpkin, with its light-up
tattoos, really impressed us. But we also fell in love with all the
many other great monster pumpkin entries! Thanks to everyone who
entered for getting so creative for this contest. Hope... you had a fun and festive (and spooky) Halloween!"

These two monsters will be coming in the mail soon...

Well then... Maybe "A Million Bad Drawings" will have to enter MORE CONTESTS!!!


  1. Eeee! That is awesome...I have a Colin as well...but he has a Red hoodie....

  2. Congrats on winning that competition, wooot!

  3. Thanks. I couldn't have done it without being incredibly skilled.